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Nature Poetry

This project started with my iPhone and  Mother Nature and continues with the words that they inspire.  These photo-poems flow from the natural world through me and I will be forever in their debt. If you would like to read more please....

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The end of a twig with curled leaves and with a saying "Unfurl Your Beautiful Soul"
Pink Flower with the saying "Pink Petals Float at the center of me beating out heart notes humming ballads bright bird songs suspended in the inky night"
Wanderingmind_musings Instagram tag name. Does not redirect when clicked on.
Furled plant with the saying "In the forest I am happy fern notes allegro beats of my heart hover in treetops acapella affirmations confirms of my existence"
A night sky with the saying " Later when we are stars our bodies light bright pin pricks in the endless night sky I will connect the dots forever a constellation of us."
Furled plant with the saying " Today I want to live in the music wrapped snuggly in the blue arms of the notes scratchy silky billie ella surround sounds holding me together"
Bluebird sitting on a fence post with the saying: "Today I am struggling to find my wings despite mountain bluebird reminders of freedom atop a barbed wire fence"
The sun Glistening through Redwoods with the saying: "You may not see me but I have been there all along my presence like fog in redwoods sun shattered fractal rays of hope wonder warming your face damp musty lusciousness seeping in rooting you down leading you home"
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