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Notice:  I will be out of the country attending a yoga training until July 1st!  Forest Bathing will resume then!  Nature Walks will still be available during my absence.  Click below to check out our amazing Nature Walks led by former State Park Ranger Brett Silver!

Forest Bathing









What is Forest Bathing/ Shinrin Yoku

Originating in Japan, Shinrin Yoku translates to "forest bathing" or "taking in the forest atmosphere."  As we move mindfully through the forest and engage all of our senses we are literally "bathing" in and breathing in the healing benefits of the forest. Forest Bathing has been linked with numerous health benefits including reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, improved cardiovascular health, attention restoration, increased immunity, boosted creativity, and improved respiratory health. Additionally, forest bathing offers opportunities to connect or reconnect with yourself, others on the walk, and nature

Why should I go with a guide?

Our guides are trained and certified in the art of Shinrin Yoku and Forest Bathing.

Going with a guide takes all the thinking out of your experience and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the practice of Forest Bathing under the canopy of the ancient Redwoods.  There is no planning required!  We have taken care of everything for you.  Now you just have relax, renew, recharge and reconnect with yourself, others on the walk and nature!

Our guides live locally and are committed to the health and wellness of the community and Redwood National and State Parks.

Certifications, Research & Press


  • Certified Shinrin Yoku Level 1 Guide through THE MINDFUL TOURIST

  • Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the ASSOCIATION OF NATURE AND FOREST THERAPY

  • Wildland First Aid/ CPR certified 

ANFT association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & programs Certified Guide Badge.
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What Experience Is Right for me?

Woman in the redwoods next to a stream.

Individual Walk

Taking time for yourself can be so hard!  Our 2 1/2 hour guided forest bathing experience in Redwood National and State Parks is the perfect opportunity to find that time and the opportunity to relax, recharge, and reconnect to yourself and nature.  

Contact us to schedule your private walk! Price is $130.

Couple Walk

This is a  2 1/2 hour walk explicitly geared toward couples.  Come wander through the ancient redwoods while experiencing the relational health benefits of Forest Bathing.  This is a private walk but if you have more than one couple that would like to join, arrangements can be made. Opportunities to connect with yourself, each other and nature await!

Contact us to schedule your private couples walk! Price is $130 per couple.

Close up of the forest floor.
a dirt path through the Redwoods.

Group Walk

Come and wander through the ancient redwoods, building community with the natural world and other human beings who won't be strangers for long as you share this 2 1/2 hour group forest bathing walk.  There will be ample time for solitude, but also many opportunities for connection and sharing in your experience.

 We have fewer dates set during winter for group walks.  Please contact us to book if you do not see a time that fits your needs!

Price is $65.00 per person

Private Group

Do you have a particular group of extraordinary people with whom you would like to share the experience of Forest Bathing?  If so, this is the option for you.  Whether you are a group of girlfriends on a weekend getaway, a family reunion group, or a business looking for a healthy and novel team-building experience, this 2 1/2 private group walk will be just the right walk for you!   Contact us so that we can schedule this private walk at a time that suits you and your group!  Price is $65.00 per person.  Ask about discounts for larger groups.

A Japanese tea cup with water being poured into it in the forest.
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