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Forest Bathing and Nature WalksIn Redwood National and State Parks

Forest Bathing/Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku, a term coined in Japan in the 1980s, translates to "forest bathing" or "taking in the forest atmosphere." It came about in response to the health crisis that Japan was facing as stress induced illnesses were on the rise. Forest Bathing involves immersing oneself in the natural environment, engaging all the senses, and mindfully experiencing the forest's healing properties. This practice has been linked to : Boosting immune function Improving Cardio Vascular Health Improving Respiratory Health Facilitation Attention Restoration Boosting Creativy, Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression Crescent City, with its ancient redwoods, clear streams, and diverse flora and fauna, provides an ideal backdrop for this practice.

Guided Nature Walks

Enjoy a guided Nature Walk led by a former California State Park Ranger with more than 20 years experience in Del Norte County. Walk through old-growth redwood forests while learning about the historical, natural and cultural resources of the area.

Gentle Yoga

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Relax, renew and reconnect with a gentle flow yoga class for yogis of all shapes and sizes and levels of experience. Whether it be in a private setting, or at our community offerings you will not regret taking an hour and a half for yourself.


"It is a pleasure to share that I was able to experience each of the services that Erica offers. She is a true gem! I absolutely appreciate the welcoming vibes that she shares and how inclusive she is. Her voice as well as her presence is meditation embodied.  Not only does she create an environment and group that allows everyone to feel welcomed and accepted, she nudges us to be more kind and accepting to ourselves. I leave yoga feeling grounded and rested in my body, mind and heart. With Erica, I have forest bathed in both a group experience as well as an individual.  Hands down I am an enthusiastic supporter of forest bathing! Just say yes to it.  Forest bathing washed my senses and filled me with the most beautiful childlike joy I have felt in a very long time. My senses were heightened and lifted.  At points my legs felt so light, it was as if the forest floor was a trampoline.  If you want to feel pure joy and happiness, bathe yourself in the forest with Erica.  I am so grateful I did.



"Go forest bathing in the redwoods with Erica!  Her thoughtful guidance invites you to breathe and experience this ancient forest in a new way.   I promise you will leave feeling awed and grounded.”  


A participant in a Forest Bathing experience sits under a redwood tree


" I accepted an invitation to Forest Bathing with the expectation of enjoying an hour outside in the fresh air. Erica guided us through using all our senses to connect to our surroundings, the beautiful Redwood Forest, from the largest of trees to the smallest of organisms. At the end of our session, as we enjoyed tea and cookies and checked in, I realized that not only did I enjoy being outside in the fresh air, but I had a physical change in my body. I felt taller as if my spine had been stretched and opened.  My breaths were deeper and easier-- my chest had opened. I gained mental clarity and lost the continual overwhelmed feeling I am so used to. Even more surprising to me, I continued to feel this way long after my time in the forest. One forest bathing session with Erica had more of a positive effect on me than any yoga or mindfulness session I have ever attended."



The Redwood Path is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the practice of forest bathing and yoga in one of the world's most stunning natural settings, Redwood National and State Parks.  The groves of ancient redwoods stand as towering sentinels, inviting visitors to embark on a journey to relax, renew, recharge and reconnect with nature and themselves in the beautiful coastal town of Crescent City, California.

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